Выражения со словом HEAD:

  1. From head to toe;
  2. To have a good head on one's shoulders;
  3. Per head;
  4. A big head;
  5. To be head over heels in love;
  6. Off the top of one's head;
  7. Go to somebody's head;
  8. Can't make head nor tail of something;
  9. Over somebody's head;
10. To lose one's head.

Выражения со словом EYES:

  1. Do something with your eyes shut (closed);
  2. Do something with your eyes open;
  3. Make eyes at somebody;
  4. Have eyes in the back of one's head;
  5. See something out of the corner of one's eye;
  6. Look somebody in the eye;
  7. Pool the wool over someone's eyes;
  8. Be up to one's eyes in something;
  9. Apple of one's eye;
10. With the naked eye.